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How Long Does it Take to Close on a House with Cash in Downriver Michigan

How Long Does it Take to Close on a House with Cash in Downriver Michigan

Many people are interested in selling their homes quickly because of any number of emergency circumstances. If you are selling your home and need to do it quickly, it should only take about 4-6 days from initial paperwork to closing if the buyer is paying cash. When you pay with cash the closing process is much quicker and easier. We Buy Houses in Downriver MI are the experts in buying and selling homes fast for cash.

We Provide:

  • More cash in your wallet
  • A fair and equitable cash offer for your home confidentially and quickly
  • Cash offers with no need to do home repairs or renovations

If you live in any one of 22 different cities in the Downriver area, we’re here to serve you.

If you’re selling your home in Allen Park, MI we can meet you at your home to discuss your interest and needs, and get a deal done fast. There are many advantages for selling your house for cash in Downriver Michigan. Let us help you sell your home quickly and get the maximum of amount of cash-in-hand.

Can I sell my home if I already own money on my mortgage?

Yes! We can make homeowners an offer in many cases even if they still owe money.
All cases and situations are different, so we can’t make guarantees if you are upside-down in your payments, but you have our pledge that we’ll get you as much cash as possible so you can sell your home fast.

What if I am facing foreclosure on my home in Grosse Ile, MI, can I still get a cash payment?

In many cases, we can help homeowners who are facing foreclosure. If you are in this situation, give us a call at 734-440-0440 so we can discuss the best way to help you.
Give us the chance to work things out before you lose your home.

If I am selling my house in Southgate Michigan and need cash fast, can you help me?

Absolutely! We specialize in buying homes for cash and serve all cities in the Downriver area.

Sell Your House in 7 Days for Cash

Many reasons people want to sell a home for a cash payment

Selling a home for cash can appeal to people facing many different situations, including:

Relocating for a job. Perhaps you just got a new job in a new state or city, and you need to sell your home fast. We Buy Houses in Downriver MI has the experts you need to help make your relocation smooth, by purchasing your home quickly.

Inheritance. If you recently inherited a home and need to sell the house fast, we can help expedite the process, and make you a fair and reasonable offer in less than a week.

Homes needing repair. If you have a second home or rehab house you need to sell but are worried about all the repairs needed, worry no more. You don’t have make a single repair when selling your home to us for cash.

Tax liens. Do you owe the IRS or local state treasury a lot of money in back taxes? If so, don’t automatically assume that’s a barrier to selling. Call us to see how we can help you in this stressful situation.

Divorced. If you are going through, or just completed a divorce and have multiple properties you need to potentially sell, give us a call. We specializing in purchasing second homes quickly for good cash offers.

Foreclosure. As stated earlier, we can help in many cases even if foreclosure is looming.

Talk to our friendly property advisors for the best advice on how you can prevent foreclosure and end up with cash in hand.

Selling your home to us is an easy process

There are four simple steps to selling your home to us:

  1. Fill out our quick and easy online form to get started. We’ll need some basic information such as address and current condition.
  2. Based on the info you gave us, we will contact you right away and ask for more details if needed. If your home meets our buying criteria, we’ll schedule a speedy meeting and home inspection.
  3. Once all the details have been provided, we’ll make you a No Obligation Cash Offer, for your home, as-is.
  4. Once you sign our agreement, we’ll close on your house fast, typically in 4-6 business days, and get you cash right away.

The process couldn’t be faster or easier! No need to take out expensive online ads or wait weeks or months to get through red tape from realtors. We have you covered because your trust is important to us. Call us for a great cash offer today!

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